Sunday, March 21, 2010

Eat, Learn, Work, Watch the Sun Go Down

Yesterday was fairly laid back, but I did have a few things I needed to do, and the closest one was roughly 45 minutes away. Luckily, most everything was in the same general area.

I am observing a Lamaze childbirth class series, which has been great since I know very little about modern Lamaze (which is not necessarily the whole laying on the floor, hee hee hoo breathing technique of old). The downside would be that it is held almost an hour from my home and starts bright and early on Saturday mornings. I made a mistake this week when setting my alarm clock and woke myself up early this week. This comes with an obvious downside (oh extra hour of sleep, how deeply I mourn your loss), but it did give me time to make breakfast for myself on the way out.

I'm not big on the traditional breakfast fare of this part of the world and I happened to have all the ingredients on hand for the Japanese slow-roasted eggplant with dengaku sauce recipe from JustHungry. I used a veggies peeler to peel my eggplant since what I had on hand was the thick skinned Italian kind of eggplant and the miso I used is an azuki bean based one that is probably meant more for use as a condiment than cooking with, but other than that I just followed the recipe. I would say that you should probably like the taste of miso if you cook this for yourself. I do, so this made a fantastic start to my day.

Class was lovely (as always, I'll miss it when the series is over next week), and the rest of my errands mostly went without incident. After I got home, the hubs and myself walked up to the building site and spent some time clearing brush and debris while our little one enjoyed some bonding time with her grandmother. I didn't take my camera with me on that excursion, but I look forward to posting some pictures. A fairly large chunk of the plat is now (mostly) cleaned up and sorted into four rather large piles: useful, compost, recyclable, and unusable. My aim is to clean up the portions that can be planted without getting in the way of building the house first. That way we can go ahead and get a few things growing.

We worked until the sun started creeping down. It was a surprisingly nice evening. I feel somewhat silly that our date time (while we had a babysitter) was spent digging out half buried scrap metal, but working towards this goal of having the home we want for our family is by far more gratifying than going to see a movie has ever been.

The day ended on an even better note when my husband offered to cook dinner (meaning fire up the grill). It was a beautiful night. The glow of the fire was the main source of lighting outside. The only sounds were crickets and tree frogs singing and a train somewhere off in the distance. It was still nice and warm after a long, sunny day. Perfect.

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  1. yum! i don't eat traditional brekkie either.

    this is such a wonderful time of year for spring peepers. i miss their lullaby, and i'm so glad you can hear them where you are.