Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Yarn for St. Patty's

As St. Patty's draws to a close, I thought I would toss a post up with the only green thing I've made in quite a while. My little angel has recently made the wonderful transition to little whirlwind. With mobility has come a nasty side effect of perpetually bruised little knees and shins. Until we make yet another transition to walking, I'm crocheting homemade BabyLegs at top speed.

I'm somewhat of a novice crocheter, so excuse my poor pattern making skills. They're a work in progress. In any case, if anyone is interested in making their own and need a starting place, here is roughly how these were made:

You need:
leftover yarn in two colors (I didn't measure, but maybe 1/5 a skein)

Start with main color (this give me cleaner edges, but someone more experienced may not need to do this)
Chain 30, join ends
Double crochet 30 x 16 rows
Change to contrasting color (this is the brown on the pair shown above)
Double crochet 1 row at top
Tie off the top
Double crochet 1 row at bottom
Tie off bottom

Repeat to make second legging.

Weave elastic through the top and bottom double crochet stitches and tie off with just enough elastic to hold the opening at its unstretched size. You could also put the legging on the baby to measure if you want. Be sure to do top and bottom of each legging. I'm finding that is very helpful in keeping them on a baby who crawls at warp speed.

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